Kepentingan Indonesia melalui FPU (Formed Police Unit) 11 Indonesia pada Konflik Darfur, Sudan (2019 - 2020)


  • Ziko Aditya Bangsawan
  • Rusdiyanta Rusdiyanta
  • Rizal Adhitya Hidayat


conflict, constructivism, darfur, FPU 11, Indonesia, human security


This study aims to explain the conflict in Darfur which is an intra-state conflict caused by friction in the communal content of the Sudanese government, resulting in the emergence of inter-ethnic conflicts that claimed many lives and attracted a lot of attention from world countries including the United Nations and gave birth to a peace mission called the UNAMID. Thus, an interesting problem to be investigated in this research is why Indonesia sent Indonesia's FPU 11 to the Darfur conflict. The author uses an intra-state approach, human security and constructivism to explain and analyze the problems in this study. The research method used by the author in this study is an explanative qualitative research method. The results of this study indicate that Indonesia's interest in sending FPU 11 Indonesia in the Darfur conflict has three foundations according to the constructivism perspective, namely social construction, collective meaning, and social actors, where FPU 11 Indonesia is an extension of Indonesia to reconstruct social conditions in order to create peace. in Sudan and to achieve national interests sending 4000 peacekeepers on UN peacekeeping missions.


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