Dampak Keterlibatan United Nations Women Peacekeepers pada Konflik di Darfur, Sudan (Periode 2013-2016)


  • Faradiba Faradiba
  • Anggun Puspitasari


women peacekeepers, Sudan Government, UNAMID, Darfur


This research is conducted to analyze the Impact of United Nations Women Peacekeepers’ involvement in the conflict in Darfur, Sudan (period 2013 - 2016), In analyzing the case, the researcher applies Post-Feminism theories and Conflict Resolution concept. This research is a qualitative research. This research is also supported by the result of an interview with informant from Reseacher of Imparsial (the Indonesian Human Rights Monitor) as organization of Indonesian society. The result of this research indicates that the involvement of women peacekeepers give a positive impact for the sustainability of women and children of Darfurian due to the various violations of human rights they face. According to Post - Feminism theory gender mainstreaming can be proved by the involvement of women in the Conflict Resolution process in the area of armed conflict although the amount of women still needs to be improved.


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