Kebijakan Presiden Donald Trump dalam Program Pembangunan Tembok Pembatas Sebagai Upaya Mencegah Immigrant Illegal & Narcotics Smuggling Asal Meksiko (2017 - 2020)


  • Aprilliana Lista Hartanto
  • Yusran Yusran
  • Syahrul Awal


barrier wall, illegal immigrant, narcotics smuggling, national security


This paper aims to analysed the policies of President Donald Trump in the program of building a barrier wall as an effort to prevent illegal immigrants and narcotics smuggling from Mexico. In conducting the analysis of this paper, the author uses a qualitative method. In this paper, the writer finds an analysis that Donald Trump's policy in national security is the Executive Order, Memo, and Proclamation to use the President of the United States as a responsible person in an effort to prioritize his national interests and foreign policy. In addition, President Donald Trump protects his national security and national interests from attacks by transnational crimes including illegal immigrants, narcotics smuggling, terrorism and entry into the United States. President Donald Trump in his policy is Make American Great Again and America First as the ideology in his doctrine. The National Security Strategy includes increasing borders, increasing inspections, enforcing immigration laws. President Donald Trump's administration's national security strategy lays out a strategic vision for "protecting the American people, the homeland, and the American way of life" increasing prosperity, maintaining peace through strength, and advancing America's influence in the world. Donald Trump’s administration’s will pursue this beautiful vision of a world of strong, sovereign, and independent nations, each with its own culture and dreams, thriving in prosperity, freedom, and peace throughout the coming year.


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