Tantangan Eastern Partnership Uni Eropa Terkait Krisis Ukraina Tahun 2013 - 2016


  • Wayan Adhi Mahardhika
  • Puti Parameswari


regional integration, Ukraine crisis, Eastern Partnership, EU


This study discusses the determine of EU Eastern Partnership on Challenge Related to the Ukraine Crisis. The approach of this study uses qualitative approach and descriptive analysis as the method. In this study, the author describe EU Eastern Partnership integration on challenge related t o the Ukraine Crisis which is impact to instability of region that affect to integration process between EU and Eastern Europe countries that are in corporated in Eastern Partnership. The Ukraine crisis has implications for economic problems in Eastern Europe, and rise of separatism in some region of Eastern European countries that has cause political and security problems, and the existence of external pressure from Rusia to suppress the influence of the EU In the region that worsen the situation in Eastern Europe. This is become a challenge for Eastern Partnership Integration because the condition of regional integration needs economic, political and security stability that is a key requirement of Regionalism.


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