Analisis Kontribusi AICHR (ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission On Human Rights) dalam Menangani Pelanggaran HAM di Myanmar Sejak Kudeta Tahun 2021


  • Tulus Yuniasih
  • Nisa Sabilla


ASEAN Way, human rights, military coup, non-intervention, AICHR, Myanmar


This research aims to discuss AICHR’s contribution in handling cases of human rights violations in Myanmar since the coup by the Military Junta in 2021. The paradox related to ASEAN non-intervention principle has set the discussion about the organization’s contribution to be more significant. The qualitative analysis is conducted on secondary data, using the behavioralism perspective, the concept of international organizations, common interests, and conceptionalization of human rights as a universal norm. The results of this study indicate that despite the challenges faced in promoting the norm, AICHR keeps reviewing the mechanisms in exercising its roles. The findings also show that AICHR contribution to report the progress in Myanmar to ASEAN has resulted on ASEAN not inviting Min Aung Hlaing to the 2021 ASEAN Summit. These also reflect the consistency of ASEAN Way in preserving the relations between member states.

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