Peningkatan Angka Perdagangan Anak di Tengah Upaya Pemerintah Inggris dalam Mengatasi Kasus Perdagangan Anak Tahun 2014 – 2016


  • Sharon Hofman
  • Elistania Elistania


child trafficking, UK Government's policies, policy implementation


This research discusses about the problem of child trafficking in the United Kingdom. As one of the develop country in Europe, the United Kingdom has a quite high number of child trafficking compared to another country in Europe. This research questioning the reason of why the number of child trafficking increased in the middle of the efforts of the United Kingdom’s government in 2014 – 2016. This research uses qualitative methods with the framework of policy implementation to analyze and answer the questio n of the research. The result of this research showed that the United Kingdom’s government in implementing it’s policies in it’s efforts to combat child trafficking has not been able to give a significant impact due to factors that inhibit the implementati on of it’s policies, such as the content of it’s policies, the performance from the law enforcers and expert staff, the polices, and as well as the other support agencies who working with the government.


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