Strategi Rubysh Jewelry dalam Upaya Penetrasi Pasar Internasional


  • Rizky Noor Alif Abdurachim
  • Denada Faraswacyen L. Gaol


business, circular economy, MSME, recycling, strategy


This research aims at Rubysh Jewelry's strategy in its efforts to penetrate the international market, which has become one of the efforts to expand market share and to increase business growth. The research conducted by this author digs deeper into the strategies taken by Rubysh Jewelry, an Indonesian-based recycled jewelry MSME company, which sees an opportunity to explore exports through international market penetration, by outlining its strategies. This research also examines some of the challenges faced by Rubysh Jewelry during the process and the various ways taken to overcome these obstacles. This research is a qualitative research that uses modern liberalism theory and point 8 of the SDGs as concepts. The results of this study show that MSMEs, which in this case is Rubysh Jewelry, with the right strategy, can expand the market while still prioritizing their ideals in maintaining the principles of a sustainable circular economy, and also helping to raise the standard of living of marginalized groups.


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