Kerja Sama Militer Korea Selatan dan Amerika Serikat dalam Penempatan THAAD Sebagai Respon Atas Uji Coba Misil Balistik Korea Utara Pada Periode 2013-2017


  • Leofarhan Leofarhan
  • Andrea Abdul Rahman Azzqy


security, Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, North Korea, South Korea, United States


This Study aims to analyze the security alliance of South Korea and United States in deployment of THAAD (Terminal High Altituted Area Defense) as the Response of North Korean Missile Ballistic Test on 2013-2017. To analyze this case, the author use a concept Action-Reaction Model and Balance of Power as a refrence. Type of research is a qualitative method and SWOT analysis methods. The result of this research is to describe THAAD deployment by United States on Korea Peninsula shows that South Korea has the power to balance and protect the regional from North Korean ballistic missile test. South Korea in the end also had an oppurtunity to make THAAD as a temporary weapon, as their BMD is still under development and is’nt ready to use to be operated.


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