Analisis Upaya Penguatan Hubungan Bilateral Indonesia-Australia di tengah Dinamika Kedua Negara

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  • Dita Adha Ariani
  • Elistania Elistania


bilateral relations, dynamics, Indonesia - Australia, security cooperation, threat


This research aims to explain about Indonesia and Australia’s effort to strengthen bilateral relations within the dynamics of the two countries through the security cooperation. Both countries experienced fluctuating relations from period to period that destabilizing the two countries’ cooperation. This research based on the international politics perspective and the pattern of state interaction. The research period is limited between 2013 and 2016 when the dynamic of bilateral relations of both countries was high. This research is a qualitative research, using dynamic interaction theory, complex adaptive theory and the concept of amity and enmity. Furthermore, interaction dynamic theory poses in describing fluctuating relations between Indonesia-Australia. While amity and enmity concept is used to define the pattern of interaction of both countries containing strategic uncertainty. Indonesia and Australia signed the Lombok Treaty in 2006 that rules the act of both countries in countering the mutual threat such as people smuggling, IUU Fishing, terrorism, and transnational crimes. Therefore, two countries should stabilize the relations to enhance the cooperation of both countries in handling the external theat. The result of this study shows that to adress the strengthening of bilateral relations between the two countries through security cooperation, both parties has initiated such efforts such as, the renewal of memorandum of understanding, conduct joint military exercises and maritime patrols in the face of regional threats that implicate to strengthening the security cooperation of both countries and building mutual trust.


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