Kontroversi Kebijakan Re-edukasi Terhadap Etnis Uighur oleh Pemerintah Tiongkok dalam Perspektif Hak Asasi Manusia


  • Rizkya Fatikasari
  • Arin Fithriana


human rights, re-education, state sovereignty, China, Uighur


The study aims to analyze the policy of re-education of the Chinese government against the Uyghur ethnicity in Xinjiang. This controversy is caused by the policy. There is an indication of human rights violations regarding the policies made by the Chinese government. This research uses qualitative methods that are descriptive analytical. This study, using the data obtained from the libraries study such as books, articles, journals, documents, research results and websites deemed relevant to the subject. The thought frame used in this study is the concept of human rights and State sovereignty. Based on the analysis, the re-education policy that was made by the Chinese government was based by the Chinese government interest as sovereign State to control and defend Xinjiang territory. The cultural, language and religious differences between the ethnic majority in China and the Uyghur ethnic which made China desire to eliminate Uyghur ethnic cultures that are considered as "extremism". However, the policy is judged to violate human rights because of the coercion to abandon the indigenous culture and religion of Uighur Muslims. This is then referred to controversy, because there is a difference in understanding the concept of human rights.


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