Strategi Keamanan Siber Amerika Serikat di Masa Pemerintahan Joe Biden Terkait Isu State-Sponsored Cyber Espionage


  • Rangga Dheo Chandra
  • Andrea Abdul Rahman Azzqy
  • Syahrul Awal


Cybersecurity, cybersecurity strategy, Joe Biden, state-sponsored, cyber espionage, U.S. foreign policy


This paper aims to analyze the U.S. Cybersecurity strategy adopted by the President Biden after a series of state-sponsored cyber espionage incidents against the United States by its adversary (mainly by the Russian Federation). The series of state-sponsored cyber espionage starting from the interference of the 2016 and the 2020 US Presidential Election and the SolarWinds’ Orion incident that leads to massive federal data breach in the U.S. and its allies throughout 2019-2020. Such incidents are becoming the main national security concern of the U.S. under Biden administrations. President Biden have to rethink and redesign the U.S. Cybersecurity strategy that aims to respond and preparing the nation’s cyber defense systems against a various cyber threats that facing the U.S. This research is a qualitative-descriptive research that aims to describe the steps, efforts and policies made by Biden Administrations using the neoclassical realism perspective, the foreign policy theory, and the cyber security concepts as a framework of analysis. The results of this study indicate that the U.S. Cybersecurity Strategy is a form of a foreign policy taken by President Biden in response to Russian aggressiveness in cyberspace. Mr. Biden and his administrations took several steps and policies as follows: imposing economic and diplomatic sanctions on Russian Federation through Executive Order (EO) 14024; reforming the nation’s cybersecurity strategies through EO 14028 which stressing the importance of public-private partnership for strengthening Federal cybersecurity; and also a Presidential Memorandum (Memo) for furthering President Biden’s efforts for advancing and strengthening the U.S. National Cybersecurity in critical infrastructure, defense and intelligence agencies of the United States.




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