Faktor Geopolitik Republik Demokratik Timor Leste (RDTL) dalam Rekonsiliasi RDTL – Indonesia Pada Tahun 2002 – 2016


  • As Shofiyah Timor Syarqiyah
  • Arya Sandhiyudha AS


geopolitics, political foreign affairs, reconciliation, Indonesia, Republic Democratic of Timor Leste


This research discusses concerning the Geopolitical factors of Reconciliation Republic Democratic of Timor Leste (RDTL) – Indonesia 2002-2016. This research used a qualitative approach and a descriptive methods analysis. In this research, the author describes a brief history of the dynamics of the bilateral Indonesia-Timor Leste pre-referendum unfavorable, where the conflict between the Indonesian Armies and the freedom fighters who wanted East Timor became a sovereign country. In the occupation of Indonesia over East Timor, Indonesia got support from Australia and the United States. For the United States, letting Indonesia occupied East Timor in order not to spread the region Communists. As for Australia, supporting the occupation of East Timor in Indonesia is a way to get natural resources in the form of oil and gas in the Timor Gap. The dynamics of bilateral relations of the pre referendum an unfavourable does not make the two countries which are geographically adjacent each other either from the sea or ground away at each other even in contrast, geopolitical factors have influenced the direction of the foreign policy of Timor Leste, making the two countries reconcile bilateral relations the post-restoration of Timor Leste in May 2002.


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