Diplomasi Publik Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) terhadap Indonesia pada Sektor Pariwisata tahun 2018 – 2019


  • Denissa Putri Aristyani
  • Tulus Yuniasih


public diplomacy, soft power, South Korea tourism, Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), Indonesia


This study aims to analyze the Korean Tourism Organization (KTO) public diplomacy efforts towards Indonesia in the tourism sector, especially in promoting South Korean tourism in 2018 - 2019. The preliminary research showed a decrease in the number of foreign tourists visiting South Korea in 2017 due to the Chinese economic boycott related to the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) dispute that encouraged South Korea to expand its foreign tourist market to Southeast Asia, including Indonesia. South Korea in its efforts to attract foreign tourists from Indonesia is represented by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO). The type of this study is qualitative by using secondary data. To analyze KTO public diplomacy efforts towards Indonesia, the author uses the concept of public diplomacy and tourism. The concept of public diplomacy is the main concept used by the author to analyze KTO efforts, especially in terms of the implementation and objectives, while the concept of tourism is used to analyze the components of tourism that are promoted by KTO. The results of this study indicate that KTO carries out its public diplomacy through daily communication, strategic communication, and relationship building with the use of soft power. In the implementation of its public diplomacy, KTO promotes the three main components in tourism namely attractiveness, accessibility and accommodation through tourism and cultural events, digital media namely microsite and Instagram, and advertisement campaign with the star of Hallyu, EXO.


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