Intervensi Militer Arab Saudi terhadap Pemberontak Al Houthi dalam Krisis Yaman Periode 2015-2018


  • Nyolinda Puji Rahayu
  • Nabil Ahmad Fauzi


military intervention, rebellion, Yemen crisis


This study discusses the efforts of Saudi Arabia in carrying out its military intervention against the Al Houthi rebellion in the Yemen crisis of 2015-2018. Yemen is the poorest country in the Middle East region with high conflict potential and has several rebellion movements, one of the most dominant is the Al Houthi rebel group. The Al Houthi conflict in Yemen began with a small conflict between the Al Houthi rebel group and the Yemeni government. Then the conflict widened to involve outsiders such as Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia agreed to be involved in the case in Yemen because of the intensity or strategic value in Yemen which was considered to have potential and important for Saudi Arabia's national interests. Saudi Arabia also mobilized politics with coalition countries, especially the United States, Britain and France with its coalition organizations, namely the Arab League, the GCC and the United Nations to conduct interviews. The intervention chosen was military intervention, military intervention was considered as the best way because the enemy faced was considered threatening. But in its implementation, the efforts made by Saudi Arabia did not go according to the vision and mission of Saudi Arabia and instead made the Yemeni government suffer a lot of losses, degradation in various fields and even a long crisis in Yemen.


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