Analisis Latihan Militer Zapad 2017 Di Kawasan Baltik Sebagai Tindakan Counter Deterrence Rusia Terhadap NATO


  • M. Irfan Alfarisi Rusdi
  • Rizky Ihsan


deterrence, enhanced forward presence, Baltic States, NATO, Russia


This research focuses on the reasons why Russia held Zapad 2017 exercise in the Western Military District (WMD) and in the Belarusian region. Russia feels threatened by the development of NATO’s military infrastructure in the Baltic region. In the enhanced forward presence program, NATO and also the Baltic countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia joined together to improve the security in the Baltic region, at once making the program as a deterrence act against Rusia. Feels the security is disrupted by development of military infrastructure and also the cooperation, especially in the western region, Russia responded by taking counter deterrence act through the Zapad 2017 exercise. These actions based on Russian military doctrine in 2014 and as well as Russia’s national security strategy in 2015. This research shows why both parties are equally threatened by each other's military activities.


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