Keterlibatan Amerika Serikat Membantu Taiwan dalam Konflik Wilayah Dengan Tiongkok (2017–2022)


  • Indah Dwiana Lestari
  • Yusran


China – Taiwan Conflict, Taiwan Relations Act, Asia Pacific, United States


This research discusses the United States' Involvement in Assisting Taiwan in Regional Conflicts with China (2017 – 2022). This research was made with the aim of explaining the development of the conflict that occurred, the interests and efforts made by the United States in helping Taiwan which were answered using descriptive qualitative methods with the theory of hegemonic stability. Through this research it can be seen that the United States has a very important role for Taiwan, many efforts have been made by the United States in defending Taiwan's territory such as establishing military cooperation relations by forming the TRA (Taiwan Relations Act) and economic agreements. agreement by making Initiative law. Taipei International Protection and Enhancement as well as conducting arms trade to Taiwan. The assistance provided by the United States is not without purpose, apart from because Taiwan is an ally of the United States, but also because the United States does not want Taiwan to fall into the hands of China, it has still not been resolved.


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