Kebijakan Migrasi Pemerintah Uni Emirat Arab dalam Mengatasi Buruh Migran India Periode 2015 – 2019


  • Frania Maura Minzala Putri
  • Rizky Ihsan
  • Bambang Pujiyono


migrant workers, offense, India, Kafala System, United Arab Emirates


This study provides a detailed about The United Arab Emirates Government's Migration Policy in Overcoming Indian Migrant Workers 2015 – 2019 Period. In analyzing the problem, this study uses the two theories, namely the theory of and public policy. The time period of this research between 2015 and 2019, which in the past 4 years cases of violations against Indian migrant workers that occurred in the United Arab Emirates continue to occur due to the kafala system. However, the violation cases are decreasing, but still high. The results show the kafala system causes many employers to commit violations. The kafala system results in a lack of free movement, confiscation of passports, unpaid wages, long working hours, underserved medical care, and violence against Indian migrant workers


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