Strategi Peningkatan Kapabilitas Pertahanan India melalui Kerja Sama LEMOA


  • Nadya An-Nuura
  • Tulus Yuniasih


defense capability, strategic partnership, LEMOA, India


This paper aims to discuss India’s strategy in upgrading its defense capability. The strategy is discussed based on the implementation of LEMOA cooperation between India and US. LEMOA cooperation was started in 2016 and continues until today. The logistic cooperation between two countries is analyzed under the concept of strategic partnership and its relation with the concept of military capability. Considering the security profile of India, this paper also uses the balance of power as well as deterrence theory in providing comprehensive analysis on the military capability of India. The result shows that LEMOA has contributed in upgrading Indian defense capability in maritime and army sectors. The contribution has been shown during the joint military exercises between the two countries, which involved many practices. The capability might not be significantly increasing today due to the ratification in 2016. However, this cooperation could be considered as potentially significant for Indian future military capability especially in deterrence and preserving the balance of power in the region.


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