Kerjasama Penegakan HAM Indonesia - Australia Terkait Pembunuhan Migran Indonesia di Australia

Studi Kasus Bantuan Divhubinter Polri dalam Kasus Pembunuhan Novy Chardon


  • Poppy Arisandy Dwiningtias
  • Rusdiyanta Rusdiyanta
  • Syahrul Awal


human right, mutual assistance in criminality issues, Australia, Indonesia, Divhubinter Polri


This study discusses the cooperation in human rights enforcement between Indonesia and Australia. This collaborations begins with the murder case of an Indonesian migrant who lives in Australia named Novy Chardon in 2013. This research will focus on the assistance of Divhubinter Polri to Australia in collecting evidence in the murder case which was carried out through Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Agreement that has been ratified between Indonesia and Australia in Undang-Undang Nomor 1 Tahun 2006. Another point that will be explained in this research is how bilateral cooperation between the two countries can be established even though the bilateral relationship between the two was unstable from the start since Indonesia’s independence that was largely due to the problem of human rights violations in Indonesia. This research using qualitative method as a research analysis tool to answer the wuestion of the research. The result of this study will show how cooperation in human rights enforcement between the two countries through Mutual Assistance In Criminal Matters in the Novy Chardon murder case carried out by Divhubinter Polri and Australian Federal Police can also strengthen then unstable bilateral relations between the two countries.


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